Keep the Pregnant Woman Healthy to have a Healthy Baby, Keep The Child Healthy To Raise A Healthy Generation

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Who are we?

MOCHCA (Mother And Child Health Care Association) is a health care association based in Douala, Cameroon. We provide assistance to pregnant women and children living in remote areas; Deprived, Excluded and Vulnerable to health hazards that would otherwise have been prevented around the country. We help pregnant women get Aternatal care and protection against malaria as well as provide possibilities for children below the age of 5 (five) to be vaccinated irrespective of where they live.

How Can You Get Involved?


What we do require a lot of Work, Patience and Love and you volunteering will mean a lot for us.


Many babies don’t get to see their first birthdays and support from you may save a life


Be an advocate for MOCHCA. Raise awareness for people who need to know about us. Let’s bring change together.

Service Offered

Since our institutionalization in 2017, we have been able to reach out to about 420 pregnant women with assistance to get antenatal care and subsequent delivery of their babies.

We have been able to reach out to 62 children who were either lost to vaccination contacts or were not being vaccinated at all and started vaccinating them.


We have also penetrated communities to identify children with malnutrition and provided them with feeding assistance

Pregnant Women Assisted

Identified and Vaccinated

Our Vision

MOCHCA (Mother And Child Health Care Association) sees a world where no pregnant woman dies from Malaria or lack of good health care and no child below the age of 5(five) should die from a preventable disease.

What if you could one pregnant woman and her unborn child?

What if you could save a child’s life from malnutrition?

What if you could save the life of a little child from preventable diseases?

Our Mission


Our mission as an organization is to help out pregnant women living in poverty and those in remote areas where health services are not accessible. We help them get access to health care.

We want to ensure that all babies born should be in good condition. Also, we follow up to see and make sure these babies are vaccinated against preventable diseases.

To ensure that these children are well-fed to gight against malnutrition.

To promote a society that values and Protects

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Contact And Inquiries

You can get in touch with us for inquiries using the following addresses. Better still, fill the contact form and we will get to you as soon as we can.


Head Quater: Grand-Hangar, Bonaberi, Douala

Location: Douala, Cameroon



+237 679710436